Cookie Consent by Free Privacy Policy website MIMO and Indy Autonomous Challenge presented an agreement at CES in Las Vegas for a competition of autonomous racecars on the Monza F1 circuit
january 05, 2023 - Milano Monza Open-Air Motor Show

MIMO and Indy Autonomous Challenge presented an agreement at CES in Las Vegas for a competition of autonomous racecars on the Monza F1 circuit

The two year #partnership between #mimo and the #indyautonomouschallenge, which chose the Milano #monza Motor #show and the Autodromo Nazionale di #monza for a new round of the challenges between autonomous racecars operated by universiDes and research insDtutes worldwide, has been presented at CES in Las Vegas.

From 16 to 18 June 2023, the general public will be able to watch - for the first Dme in the world during #mimo - the #indyautonomouschallenge compete on a Formula 1 circuit. In this challenge, the Dallara AV-21 racecars are driven by control soQware which, thanks to mounted sensors, supercomputers, and other ADAS hardware allows the car to drive autonomously.

The first year of the #indyautonomouschallenge presence at #mimo will consist of special exhibiDon runs that will further test the teams and their autonomous racecars, which unDl now have engaged in autonomous driving races on oval tracks in the United States, where it was possible to reach speeds of 280 km/h. In 2024 the #indyautonomouschallenge will return to #mimo to hold a full compeDDon with head-to-head eliminaDon races.

The 3rd ediDon of MIMO Milano #monza Motor #show will overturn the paradigms of tradiMonal motor shows, proposing a totally dynamic event, a free motor fesDval for the public who at the Autodromo Nazionale di #monza, from 16 to 18 June, will be able to experience every form of motorizaDon in the special circuit which will pass between the paddocks and the banking of the high-speed oval. The supercars, the top motorsport racing cars, the presMgious classic cars and the prototypes exhibited along Viale Mirabello will parade along the same route every day, creaDng a calendar full of moments dedicated to all forms of automoDve passion.

The test drive route will host the Focus #auto Electric and Hybrid Plug-in, an in-depth study of models "with plugs" which will include an #educational part in the middle of the test drive experience, with a stop in a dedicated area where you can find charging stations with which to familiarize yourself and try out the connection and disconnection procedures. Specialized consultants will be available to answer the most common questions regarding the daily management of electric or plug-in vehicles and will guide visitors in the choice of the most appropriate car for their needs.

The two year agreement between #mimo and the #indyautonomouschallenge was signed and presented during the Media Day of CES 2023 (the InternaDonal Consumer Electronics Show) in the presence of Andrea Levy, president of #mimo, and Paul Mitchell, president of the #indyautonomouschallenge. Both illustrated the collaboraDon that will lead to a futurisDc challenge between universiDes around the world, which was won last Dme by the PoliMove team of the #politecnicodimilano led by prof. Sergio Savaresi, professor of automaDc controls at the Polytechnic.

Andrea Levy, #mimo 2023 President: “Indy Autonomous Challenge within #mimo perfectly embodies the spirit of an edition that will be totally dynamic, a three-day calendar of events dedicated to entertainment, road tests, incredible car parades. #mimo 2023 promotes the knowledge and diffusion of new technologies in all areas of research. The Formula 1 circuit and the old banked ones that we will use for test drives will be the stage for a special Formula Indy race, with self-driving single-seaters, engaged for the first time in a technical circuit with curves and chicanes. #monza will be the venue for an incredible challenge between the best universities and research centers from all over the world".

Paul Mitchell, #indyautonomouschallenge President: “Indy Autonomous Challenge is thrilled to partner with #mimo to bring the world’s fastest autonomous vehicles and some of the best and brightest minds in AI, #robotics, and automation to Italy in 2023 and 2024. Having competed on the world’s most famous Oval in Indianapolis, it is fitting that we would take on the world’s most famous road circuit at the historic Autodromo Nazionale di #monza. Beyond the excitement of the public witnessing robot driven racecars at #mimo, the learnings from this challenge will improve the performance of autonomous and ADAS systems at high speeds which can reduce highway accidents and save lives”.

Sergio Savaresi, Prof. AutomaMc Controls of the Politecnico di Milano: “The #monza events in June 2023 and 2024 will be a historic moment: for the first time the #indyautonomouschallenge comes out of the USA, and the participants, after the races on the American oval circuits, will compete on a road circuit. The historic and highly prestigious #monza circuit is the ideal setting for this level-up of this iconic competition, and will allow for an important step forward in the development of autonomous car technology, an extremely complex technology which will form the basis of the mobility revolution in coming decades”.

A collaboration made possible thanks to a triangulation of intenrions between #mimo, the #politecnicodimilano, #aci and SIAS and the Lombardy Region, which together have decided

to bring to the public of #mimo Milano #monza Motor #show an example of innovaDon, research and cuang-edge technology, the pride of the territory.

ASlio Fontana, President of the Lombardy Region: “We are proud of this #partnership between #mimo and #indyautonomouschallenge which brings Lombardy to the centre of what is the road to the future, innovation. Thanks to #mimo Milano #monza Motor #show, which has revolutionized #automotive events, and to the IAC, which gives us a taste of what the future will be, in June at the Autodromo Nazionale di #monza it will be possible to witness an incredible race with which young #people from universities and research centres from all over the world will put themselves to the test”.

Giuseppe Redaelli, President of SIAS: "The combination of the prestige and fame of our track and #mimo, an #event that is assuming ever greater importance, edition after edition, is a source of attraction and appeal for events that have never been held before in any circuit of the Italian peninsula. For this reason we are proud to have helped bring about the meeting between #andrealevy and the organizers of the #indyautonomouschallenge and to host for the first time in Italy this #event which testifies to the high technological level achieved by the #politecnicodimilano in collaboration with the Lombardy Region. We are proud, once again, of how much our track is not only the Temple of Speed but also a place of choice for experiments in motorsport, including tests and races for autonomous cars , which will certainly play a leading role in the #automotive universe of the future”.

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